On account of International Yoga Day celebrated on the 21st of June every year ,the students of the Pre-Primary section participated in the Yoga week celebration conducted in Ruby Park Public School.

The students were trained to do Yoga by a professional trainer .The trainer began the session with a few free hand exercises like head rotation, wrist and hand rotation, side forward and backward bending etc. The exercises were then followed by Pranayam(meditation)where the young children patiently sat in the correct posture with their eyes closed ,chanting OM.

The trainer then encouraged the students to actively perform the various Yoga aasanas like Taar-aasan, Padmaasan, Vajraasan, Parvatasan, Shashankasan and the Butterfly aasan ete.

The happy and content faces of the children clearly showed that they were full of zeal and enjoyed the session thoroughly.They looked forward to a similar fun-filled session in the days coming ahead.