Today’s Tiffin

Proper balance of healthy snacks for children will make them feel great, provide more healthy productive energy as well as improve their concentration and individual disposition.
Keeping this in mind we, at Ruby Park Public School, Kolkata follow a 5 days healthy menu programme that would prevent your child from reaching for unhealthly junk food.
Making healthier choices doesn’t have to be harder. Your child will love these healthy snack menu and so will you!
Please follow the schedule given below and select any given options. Slight variations are welcome depending on veg./non-veg. preferences.
Please avoid giving tetra juice boxes and chips packets to the children travelling in school buses. A light snack can be given in a tiffin box for the bus.

Suggested Menu for packed lunch :

Combination :

  • Veg. / Cheese / Egg sandwich / Noodles / Maggi with vegetables / French toast / Pizza.
  • Pao bhaji / Bread Pakora / Pasta with vegetables / Vermicelli pulao.
  • Idly / Dosa / Dhokla / Tikki / Pancake / Chilla.
  • Appam / Upma / Poha / Uttapam / Vegetable cutlet.
  • Aloo Chat / Puri Sabji / Khakra / Sabu Pulao.
  • Bread Rolls / Stuffed Paratha / Sweet corn with vegetables.


  • Biscuits / Chocos / Sandesh / Cheese slice or cube.
  • Seasonal fruits / Nachos / Fingerchips.
  • Nuts / popcorn / Soya Sticks / Dry cakes (no pastries).


  • French Fries and Tetrapack Fruit Juice only on Friday, Please give a spoon, fork, napkin, apron & table mat everyday to school.
  • The choice of food mentioned above should be home made.